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Add notes or conditions to invoices.

INVpay offers buyer and seller accounts. The buyer account is free. A seller requires a (merchant) account. The seller can also have a buyer account with different sign in credentials in the same app. At anytime a buyer can also apply for a merchant account. INVpay links to Apple Pay when a seller opts in for that service.

INVpay functionality is on which can be downloaded to an iPhone by texting Fastlane to 72000 or pressing here to get the app and sign up for buyer and seller accounts. 

​INVpay requires a Payeezy merchant account. Send request to or submit the form below to open or link to an existing Payeezy account.

invoice and payment smartphone-to-smartphone in a secure encrypted transaction armor zone

INVpay uses a secure encrypted transaction armor zone exchange channel and a token that conceals the user's card information, when a merchant and consumer respectively press "121Pay."  This exclusive link creates a secure encrypted communication channel between the consumer and the merchant using an iPhone or iPad in proximity to each other.

To create a transaction:

• The merchant creates an invoice, including tax, invoice number and selected items previously entered into the Account / Catalog List or Cloud, and then transfers it via the secure connection to the consumer.

• Identity photo verifications are exchanged.

• Upon acceptance, the invoice is sent to the consumer who may add a tip, select the payment method as a Credit Card or Apple Pay, sign the invoice if required and transfer the file back to the merchant with a token representing the credit or debit card.

• The merchant then presses 'Process' for payment.

• Upon completion both parties receive notices that funds were exchanged and a record of the transaction is maintained in the History section.

• Transaction fees are charged to the merchant. There are no fees for the consumer to use this application.

INVpay (invoice to pay) is created on the Seller's iPhone and transferred to the Buyer's iPhone, once an encrypted transaction armor zone is established between the devices.

INVpay is a perfect solution for auctions, field events, restaurants and mobile transactions requiring secure encryption of data transferred.  A seller can scan barcodes, recall inventory and documents instantly from their device or the Cloud when creating of an invoice.